Providing outstanding and particular transport of private and commercial deliveries which may concern everybody, whether the delivery of postcards with holiday greetings or important official documents for authorities and companies as well as eagerly awaited online-shop articles. Each individual consignment must be transported quickly!

Considering each segment thoroughly we place great value on previous consultations and agreements with the Post Companies, the Ground Handling Agents, the Ramp Agents at the departure-, transit- and airport of destination. Whether Sal (CN41) or PRIO (CN38) Postal deliveries, with us you are in good hands!


The advantages for you in a quick survey:


  • Daily verification and documentation of the quantity of Air Mail to be transported
  • Records of the documentation, manifests, CN38, CN41 are always available, accumulation of transport due to missing documentation is excluded
  • Committed dedication for your Airmail at the departure airport at the Post Companies
  • Thorough capacity examination with the operative department before departure
  • Daily verification of the capacity for connecting flights with transshipment operations abroad
  • Professional preparation of transport data according to capacity and emergence
  • Adherence of the deadlines of the Postal Companies’ tenders
  • Informative and professional communication with the Head Offices of the International Airlines
  • National and international operating from Germany, Austria and Switzerland
  • Worldwide capacity-checks for new opportunities and innovative concepts
  • Detailed invoices of all transports direct to the Post Companies
  • Options for the acquisition of all Post Handling Contracts for the efficient reduction of shipment costs and for revenue growth!
  • Organization of favorable and prompt pre-transports with Offline Carriers
  • Long-term and sustainable increase in earnings and efficiency


We will transport your Mail to almost any place in the world!